Dick Clark, Purveyor Of Mediocre Food, Dies At 82

Rock On Dick Clark

Rock On Dick Clark!  I don't set trends. I just find out what they are and exploit them.  ~Dick ClarkIf you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully.  ~Dick ClarkIt's real good to be back with you again this year.  ~Dick ClarkMusic is the soundtrack of your life. ~Dick ClarkThe type of guy that if you knew him, you’d give him a hug every time you’d see him.  Ryan Seacrest...more

Time to Play

Is youth a number?A notch in a timeline?A milestone gone by?We count the minutes, the days, the months, the years, and we assign it to our lives.When we set it in stone, it becomes self-fulfilling – “Act Your Age.”What if youth is time, and what if time expands?Time is only finite, because we make it so.Time is flexible, and expansive.It expands when we’re following our heart....more
@BNPonce RIP Dick. This song's for you. http://t.co/dkwFqVoYmore

"Bandstand": Memories of a Teenage Crush

Dick Clark and American Bandstand played a big role in my early years. After the Ricky Nelson crush, I lost my heart to another teen idol.  Living in Philadelphia had the advantage that it was the home of American Bandstand, the TV show on which  adolescents who jitterbugged became as famous as movie stars. ...more
Jimmy Peatross was a good friend. He had a great sense of humor and may have been just about the ...more

RIP Dick Clark

The voice of my generation from American Bandstand to the $10,000 Pyramid to New Year's Rockin' Eve...You will be missed....more

Dick Clark: When Is It Time to Step Away?

As the ball drops in Times Square on New Year's Eve to ring in 2010 once again Dick Clark will be on TV counting us down. Since his stroke in 2004, he has done so with slurred speech, a lot less spring in his step, and a lively spirit. Some see his continued presence on the show a triumph and celebration of perseverance and courage. Others watch and cringe seeing only a man who has stayed too long at the party. ...more

Thanks to all for the great comments while I was out for the holidays...  love the ...more