Type 2 Vegan

The Vegan FilesMy octogenarian mother is appalled at my strange eating habits, which is how she characterizes my vegan diet.  More times than I can count she has asked me why I feel I have to “do this.”“It can’t be for your health,” she’ll offer, a reference to the fact that I am obese and have been so since childhood.  The implication is that, if I wanted to improve my health, I’d lose weight, not go vegan....more


This morning, I read the article about the hurried mother who waited impatiently in line at Target. Her moments were transformed by watching a young man patiently and kindly help the older woman in front of her. You can read more about that story here....more

Looking for a Fabulous Fish Recipe? This is it ~

Baked Fish Greek-Style The last time I prepared this dish was before my daughter was born ~ yikes, it's been to long!  The fresh ingredients come together to create a traditional Greek dish that so light and flavorful....more

Nutrition Questions Answered! (+ a FREE session for readers!)

 Disclosure: this post was originally published on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health.  I was provided a free 30-minute session with an American Well registered dietician through my ambassadorship with FitFluential.  All opinions about the service and questions asked are my own - just like always!  Now let's talk nutrition!...more

Talking Books with Lisa Tillinger Johansen

We're all on one kind of diet or another during our lifetime.  If not, we should be actively watching what we eat, how we exercise and what ways we can be comfortable with our own bodies.  Our bodies are important to us.  How we take care of them is important to our well-being, health and, yes, happiness.  If you are comfortable with being overweight, that's fine, but think of the health issues that go along with it....more

Can you be too Healthy?

how it started

I'm here to tell you about how instead of going on a diet, I changed my lifestyle....more

A recipe to try. You will get moving as well as your children.

Let me share with you a recipe, but a type where the end result will not be food...My eldest daughters are swimmers/synchronized swimmers, ok. There may be a little bit of exaggeration there as I proud mom speaking highly of her daughters. But true enough, as much as my young daughters are young athletes, they have really hard time doing a little of workout at home. My eldest need to work on her arms. My middle needs to work on her legs. Since I had a hard time to get them going, and it is the summer time, we adopted a new routine....more