The Oh-So Harsh Consequences of Obesity

I'm sorry....I don't mean to offend anyone. I just need to post this - maybe it will help someone. Obesity runs in my family and I have personally witnessed the harsh consequences with those I have loved. When obesity finally decides to kill you, it has no mercy. By then, it's too late to do anything about it. If we can all look ahead at what's in store for us if we remain overweight, maybe we will wake up in time to do something to solve the weight problem, even though it can feel impossible....more

My New Hat!

Day 295 - Chicken. I'm about ready to cluck. Looking forward to my 5th day of the Elite Fit Forever "Boost" and am super ready for some veggies tomorrow! I don't enjoy fish so...chicken, turkey, and some pork are my mainstays....more

The Goldfish Diet

Is the size of your house making you fat?......more

Lighter, a vegan startup, creates 'Pandora' of food

A few days ago, my husband sent me a link to a Forbes article about a vegan meal planning startup a couple of days ago. At first, I didn't think much of it, but I read the article today and was impressed with what I found and thought I'd share it with you!...more

I Wanna Be Fit, Mom!

 Yeah. Me too. Today is my 5th day of my new life - Diet and Workout. Do you wanna be fit? I know - you want. Who doesn't? But what is the definition of being fit? It's your own definition of being fit....more

My Husband and the Horible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Diet

We have a family wedding coming up in June, in the Bahamas...great excuse to get slim and trim right?Last year, I convinced my husband to go Paleo and join crossfit, and he only grumbled a little. So this time, he asked me to do some military diet and I obliged...why not? Boy was I wrong. WAY wrong. Its called the 3 day military diet (fat boy diet according to my Army man) and you can check it out here, . You have GOT to be kidding me!Hot dogs? Ice cream? Crackers? There is no way this crap works....more

Type 2 Vegan

The Vegan FilesMy octogenarian mother is appalled at my strange eating habits, which is how she characterizes my vegan diet.  More times than I can count she has asked me why I feel I have to “do this.”“It can’t be for your health,” she’ll offer, a reference to the fact that I am obese and have been so since childhood.  The implication is that, if I wanted to improve my health, I’d lose weight, not go vegan....more


This morning, I read the article about the hurried mother who waited impatiently in line at Target. Her moments were transformed by watching a young man patiently and kindly help the older woman in front of her. You can read more about that story here....more