How are health coaches, dieticians and therapists different?

SourceOkay, so you’re a health coach. But what do you, um, do?...more

Fatphobia: A Guide for the Disbeliever

First, a little bit about me. I'm an American who has lived on one coast or the other, who has spent extended time in Poland and in London....more

NOW Foods offers help with achieving your weight loss goals

It's become increasingly challenging to find safe and effective weight loss products.  Recently, we had a chance to try some of NOW Foods offerings.  Our verdict? They're high in quality and can help you achieve your weight loss goals....more

My significant other hates vegetables. How do I eat healthy at home?

Source A client recently approached me with the following dilemma:...more
Thanks for the article, I shared it on my business page to my clients and fitness students.  A ...more

The Cult of Organics: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

At a playdate with a group of mothers, I once horrified an impossibly hip, young mom by telling her I refused to eat organic food because it was too expensive and that I felt I wouldn't be buying a better product. The look of shock on her face made me wonder if I had suddenly experienced a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. After glancing down to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone (and to check that Justin Timberlake wasn't lurking behind a bush), I tried to calmly explain my position on organic versus conventionally grown food. ...more
Well, I for one believe Organic is a healthier way to eat and live. If you eat organic most of ...more

A Brief Introduction to this New Blog, Which is about Coming out of the Darkness

Hello wonderful people,This is my second time writing a blog. The first time was a travel blog, about backpacking in India. That was 5 years ago now. Since then, I have always kept thinking about blogging, because I have learned a lot and wish to share what I learn, and how I learn it, with others....more

Cheating on Your Gluten-Free Diet is Cheating on Your Health

Cheating on Your Gluten-Free Diet is Cheating on ...more

A Dangerous Trend in Social Media and Online

 Happy 2014. This is a time when we’re usually tired of all the holiday food, when we start talking about how we're going to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier and exercising more probably tops those lists. And in these first few weeks of January, my local YMCA has been teeming with cars, the exercise classes filled with eager adults wanting to shave off some of their holiday weight gain. ...more
Thank you. I felt rather naïve when I discovered this stuff. I was almost afraid to write about ...more