The "Prized" Thigh Gap

 Even at one of my lowest weights, on my honeymoon,I didn’t have a thigh gap.Thigh Gap. Surely you’ve heard of this over-obsessed term in today’s culture. Thigh gap refers to when there is space (i.e. a gap) between your two thighs so that they don’t touch....more

7lbs in 7 days, My third attempt. Day one.

Hi everyone and welcome to my Blog. I'm 49 fast approaching 50 fat and frumpy, and I reckon if I want to be fit at fifty I better start taking life a bit more seriously. My 9 - 5 normal lifestyle of daytime tele is a thing of the past.I am going on holiday to Spain in two weeks time and for the last ten weeks I have been trying to diet, and I am great for a week at a time but then I get hungry and stuff myself so the resulting fact is I'm still fat....more