Diet Friendly vs Healthy Foods

First off, let me say that yes, there is a difference. I cannot even count how many times I have seen in person, online, overheard, etc. people say well I’ll just eat this because it is healthy. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there thinking they have no idea what the nutrition facts are for that food. Healthy, whole foods are awesome....more

Fireside Chat With The Autism Mom: My Boy Is A Lightweight And I Am So Proud!

I just made Evan weigh himself. The last time he was officially weighed was at the doctor's office back in April. He weighed over 200 lbs then...I think 203. Today, with Scott's verification, he weighs in at a no-too-shabby 178!Now, I do recognize there's a difference in the weights of the doctor's scale and ours so I'll just crow that The Boy has lost approximately 20 lbs since our doctor's visit! That's pretty impressive if I do say so!...more

How to Maintain Your Diet During a Move

Dieting is difficult on any given day, but it’s especially hard if you have a busier-than-normal schedule.  When you add a household move to your full schedule you may think that it’s next to impossible to continue your healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be.  Read on for some tricks that are perfect to help you stick to your diet while moving. ...more