Benefits of Soaking Nuts & Seeds

Did you know that soaking nuts and seeds have enormous benefits for your health? Nuts are not only an excellent source of protein but they are also packed full of nutrients and heart healthy monounsaturated fats that our bodies need.One of nature’s super foods, certain varieties of raw nuts are high in vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc, to name just a few. Nuts are also packed with protein and extremely portable. They are a staple energy food that humans have relied on for thousands of years....more

Testing my Genes: Is it Luck or Fitness

Regular readers know I have been told how "lucky I was" for my "thin" genes.  Many of my fitness friends actually tell me they hear the same, "you are so lucky to be naturally thin" from their friends and family as well.  Of course, my readers also know that I incorporate exercise into life on a daily basis, along with good nutrition....more
No matter whether we think that we're lucky enough to be thinner in our natural state or someone ...more

Rosemary Balsamic Steak Marinade

Rosemary has amazing antimicrobial properties. I consider it not just a culinary herb, but a medicinal herb as well. Traditional cultures that ate pork consistently served it with rosemary for its anti-parasitic properties. It's a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, and has been used to help with indigestion as well. It's a great herb to grow in your garden and to introduce into the foods that we eat. Balsamic vinegar also has anti-bacterial properties and works on tenderizing the meat in this recipe. The longer you marinate, the better....more

Chioggia Beet Fries

We've been incredibly busy this week with gardening, harvesting and preserving, and so much of what we're eating right now is pretty simple fare. My son loves anything that comes in 'fry' form and these beet fries meet his approval - they are also extremely simple and fast to make....more
Thanks so much!more

Belly Fat

I've been seeing a lot of women lately who are pre-diabetic. They have high fasting blood sugar levels, most have high triglycerides and are struggling to lose weight. Right now, I'm writing a book on Menopause and the chapter I just finished was about how to lose the Belly Fat....more

Balance Body Chemistry And Fat Loss Health

We've all heard of the ravages of acid rain. As a result of toxic emissions into the environment, acid rain damages the leaves and tree needles, decreases the tree's ability to withstand cold, drought, pests and diseases and even inhibits plant breeding. To counter the acidity, tree roots pull important nutrients like calcium and magnesium soil alkalinization....more

Nutrition, not Calories: Childhood Obesity Meets Childhood Anorexia

Obesity may be unhealthy, but so are other food-related problems. Just this week, the news broke that eating disorders are on the rise among children younger than twelve. Girls — and some boys, though the problem tends to be a gendered one — as young as 7 and 8 are being admitted to hospitals for the problem usually associated with teens. ...more
Hello Ms. Cate,   I agree with the difficulty with single-sightedness in the "children need to ...more

Is The Recession Making Us Fat?

A Newsweek article correlates the increase in the obesity rate with the recession. I do not think that the recession is making us fatter. But, it is a good excuse. During difficult times people often turn to anything that is comforting. “Comfort food” isn’t called comfort food for nothing. ...more

Hell's Kitchen Chef Gordon Ramsay Calls For End To Out Of Season Fruit And Veg

Fowl-mouthed Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay has called for "stringent" licensing laws to be put in place in the UK to ensure that "produce is only used in season." The Scottish born celebrity chef appealed for extreme measures to penalize non-compliant restaurants during an interview broadcast by the ...more