8 Tips to Help You Shed Those Happy Relationship Pounds

Happy pounds are real and your new boyfriend is to blame.After a battle with Cancer I set out to not only get healthy, but to get fit. I joined Crossfit, got a regular gym membership and started counting my calories and micros.When I met my boyfriend I was in the best shape of my life. Several months in I noticed that there was a little more jelly in my belly and I stepped on the scale to find that I had gained more than a few pounds....more

Weekly Wellness Challenge: Meals and Menus.

This is quite possibly the most popular time of the year for all of us to set our sites on our goals, hit the gym, eat healthy, and really make the effort to live a healthy lifestyle. The gym is packed, classes are full, and everyone is getting a jump start on their spring and summer bikini bodies. Eating nutritious meals and packing lunches makes for easy ways to keep the our food habits in check so our gym efforts don’t go to waste. But then suddenly life starts to happen. Work gets hectic. Family time gets scattered. Socializing brings on some unhealthy choices....more

Food Cravings Making You Crazy? Try These Easy Tips to Tame Them

Are cravings for sweet and salty foods making you crazy?I can completely relate. Eighteen years ago I lost more than 40 pounds. Managing that weight loss can be challenging at times, but worth the effort to live the healthier life I enjoy now.Those days when the craving monster hits, I keep the following tips handy. Most days I can kick the monster to the curb....more

Three Ways to Push Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Everyone has a healthy weight range. Sometimes we fluctuate within a few pounds of what we deem as our  "fighting weight." If a mysterious two or three pounds seems to appear on the scale just as quickly as it disappears, it can probably be attributed to fluid retention....more

Motivation Monday!

Develop wisdom, perception and rationality. You will begin to see the world as it really is. – TonekaVisit www.embraceu.com for motivational tips and everything you need to know about nutrition! You can also find me on www.facebook.com/tonekapires and www.twitter.com/tonekapires      ...more

The Sit Down Diet

While Intuitive Eating has 8 "guidelines" for eating, the second one is the one I have found most helpful: Always sit down to eat. Roth likes to say (and even titled her book thusly), "If you're going to eat at the refrigerator, pull up a chair." How many times a day do you find yourself mindlessly nibbling something? ...more

I hit bottom on this issue about 2 weeks ago. I made a rule for myself that I could only eat ...more

6 Signs Your Diet is Dragging You Down

Do you feel blah, bored, or chronically tired? Does your skin look poor, pale, or prickly? Do you have trouble concentrating or making decisions? Don't blame your partner, kids, or job. It could be your diet. ...more

Share your simple diet tips!

Are you tired of the products that promise you that you will lose hundred pounds :) in just two weeks? Well...I'm! I need some simple diet tips, no pills, no shakes etc. Share your tips with me and others!   Thank you! ...more

....Mommy Rules.....Rules Of The House! Plus Entertainment News and Celebrity News

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