Post-Holiday Healthy Cooking Advice from the Mayo Clinic

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Nine Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

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News About Menopause and Cholesterol

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Geeky Mom: Eat This, Not That iPhone app

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Diapers, Dumbbells 'N' Daily Health

Welcome to Diapers, Dumbbells 'N' Daily Health, a blog about my thoughts and actions on health, wellness and life as a new Mom.  I am writing this as a way to stay connected to friends and family, list my workouts to help me stay on track with my health and to journal what is going on in my world as a new parent.  I hope you will find my posts both interesting, humerous and informative.  Maybe along the way you will get great tips on nutrition and fitness so that you too can get/stay healthy for life! Tara Mazanec...more

The Dangers of Detox Diet

The detox ritual: Stop eating for a few days or a few weeks; consume only juices - vegetable juices, fruit juices, or all kind of mixtures that include lemon juice or "special" powders. The detox diet promise: This diet will cleanse your body and flush out toxins such as food additives, heavy metals, medications and other pollutants. The result: a better health, a faster metabolism, and - of course - a skinnier you. ...more

8 Quick Tips For Staying Fit During The Winter Months

If you’re like me, then getting to the gym can be a real chore. Especially now that I’m blogging, I have come up with nearly every excuse in the book to avoid the gym. “I haven’t written a blog in a couple of days, so I want to write this morning. I have no time for the gym today!” Now I’m in pretty decent shape. I won’t lie. I’ve been active my entire life, from ballet as a little girl through to late teens, and then fitness after that.  Being fit and eating healthy have always been a part of my life....more

Is It Possible To Lose Weight on The Cookie Diet?

Is it possible to eat cookies and lose weight?  Well, Dr. Sanford Siegal would certainly like you to think so.  After all, at $56 for a week's supply, Dr. Siegal is going to make an estimated $18 million this year selling his weight-loss cookies.   It's called The Cookie Diet, and if you like cookies it may sound like a great way to lose weight.  But is it?...more

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Eating Healthy With A Busy Schedule

So we’re all busy right? Running to and from places. To Starbucks, to the office, to visit an elderly grandparent, to the gym, to an extra-curricular activity, a meeting. Running running running. And yet, I always roll my eyes at those skinny girls who say, “I just don’t have time to eat!” Yah, WHATEVER! Rome could be burning, and there I am, chompin’ away. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of meals I’ve missed in my ENTIRE lifetime. If you ask my husband, he’ll attest to it! No joke. I NEVER miss a meal. ...more