Your Body Image – Loving the Woman Staring Back

Wow, sitting at Second Cup, writing today’s blog entry before going to serve pizza lunch at my son’s school. I have to say, I’m enjoying this new venture. I simply love everything women related, all the issues, and this has become an incredible medium for me to connect with all of you. ...more

It's a process. You'll get better and better with practice. Good luck! And be good to ...more

Monday...a new beginning

Like I said last week I was looking forward to do over monday once again.  It is here and I have to say I am really glad that it finally is.  I loved all of your comments and especially Hanlie's advice on not waiting until monday to get started.  Although I did not jump right back on at the moment I did start researching and really thinking about what I was going to do.  Since my last post ...more

Vitamins: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

I remember my children's vitamins clearly. They were pastel purple, pink and yellow, and they tasted like Pez. I longed to take the whole bottle, for I loved them so.And I don't give my daughter vitamins with any sort of regularity. ...more

vitamins are just supplements, so it is really necessary but for kids vitamin c would help ...more

Is The Food Industry Following In The Steps Of The Tobacco Industry?

While the American Heart Association's new guidelines for sugar consumption did not get the same level of media attention as Surgeon General Luther L. Terry's 1964 landmark report on the health hazards of smoking cigarettes, the sugar guidelines have the potential of doing to the food industry what Surgeon General's report did to the tobacco industry. ...more

I'm not familiar with the products you mention - I mean I know what they are but not more than ...more

3 Surprising Negative Effects of Overeating

The obvious negative effects of overeating are extra weight and jeopardized health. Most people are well aware of these negative effects. But overeating affects so many other aspects of your life, too.  As a psychiatrist who has worked with overeaters for decades, I understand that if you’re an overeater, there is so much more at stake than just your weight. ...more

Conquering Sugar Addiction: The First Step Towards A Healthy Diet (and the toughest).

  Okay, here's the thing...I have seriously fallen off the healthy eating wagon this summer.  Of course this isn't entirely my fault.  And if we're going to place blame, some of that should go to my son.  Because for some reason, he was compelled to make homemade brownies once or twice a week throughout the entire summer...And I was (obviously) compelled to eat them. ...more

I have the same issue with going from sugar to salt and back to sugar. I usually keep my ...more

My First Posting

It is my first posting in Blogher and I'm not very common with blogging world. So, I don't really know what to post... I am exhausted... And finally giving up to shop a new dress for my friend's wedding. I entered 3 stores looking for a dress that will possibly covering my huge body. And I don't have the right size for myself in my own boutique... And I think all the staffs looking at me with pathetic way, I don't know maybe they were saying, "Give up already you will never find your size here." in their mind... ...more

Nothing feels as good as losing weight

Losing weight is one of the most wonderful feelings one can experience.   I’ve lost a significant amount of weight a couple of times in my life.  Not five or ten pounds, I’m talking 50 to 100 pounds of weight.  I’m like Oprah, I’m fat, then I’m thin, I’m on a diet then I’m against diets. ...more

My effort not to be on a PETA billboard or...

My Weekly Weight Watcher Weight Loss Update in a minute but first a word from our sponsor. Me. Before I say anything about this week's weight loss update I want to say something about the comments I made yesterday about Peta's new Go Vegetarian Campaign. ...more