My Boyfriend Is Making Me Fat!

It's completely his fault, what with his constant cooking of delicious food and his regular exercising that allows him to eat so much deliciousness with abandon. Including desert. Certainly it's not *my* fault, the one who actually controls my hands and my mouth and my schedule. Oh, my South Beach Diet, where have you gone and how did I ever let you go? Pasta and potatoes, you are my most hated enemy. One I have been consuming with alarming regularity lately. ...more

A lot of people get fat when they get married, and you guys are putting it on while in ...more

How much Muscle can you really gain?

How many of you start a diet and exercise program, don't lose as much weight as you thought you would and chalk it up to "muscle gain" from all that nascient exercise?   Well this post will dispel the myths.  How Much Muscle do You Really gain?  ...more


Ooohhh Look at those abs!  A beautiful, strong core is definitely sexy! Your abs are definitely the focal point of your body. Your midsection stabilizes you, keeps you in balance and protects your back. ...more

Fiber-rich Snacks for Kids

My kids would never dream of asking for a fiber-rich snack. I just don't tell them that the apples or endamame snack are fiber-rich. ...more

First Time!

So! This is my official first "blog" in the Blogher website. I guess I should say kudos to me for even working up the courage to do this! Ha ha. You maybe thinking that its silly for me to feel that way, but I have decided from this moment to start a journey. A thoroughly hard, life changing journey. I have decided to blog my life. the good, the bad,the self discovery and the weight loss. Not just any loose 20 pound journey, no no. I have some how found myself (more like depressivly ate myself) to 321 pounds -and some ounces :). ...more

My Weight is waiting

Since giving birth to my daughter 5 months ago my weight has been at a standstill….i have changed my diet and got rid of all my comfort foods and emotional eating and im still 220lbs. I admit that I do not exercise as much as i should (maybe once a week if its not too hot in my apt….i dont have an AC…just fans). I cannot go to a gym because i cant afford it and i dont have babysitter money. This all being said to emphasize that i have to do this weight loss thing on my own. ive included pictures of my journey thus far. ...more

...A one step to life change...

   Beginning... ...more

My New Self

It's been 2 weeks!  2 entire weeks!   I went to order a pair of jeans on-line.  I got out the measuring tape, took the requisite measuremens, and nearly had a stroke when I tallied the size.  How did I morph into a size 12? 12?  I used to wear a very loose fitting 4 and before I got married, I had inched up to a doable size 6.  ...more