Broke Bee Diet & Cupboard is Bare Recipe

I am a Broke Bee in these hard economic times and therefore I am pulling out all my tricks on how to stretch food dollars, invent tasty dishes from inexpensive items, etc.   One big way is to: ...more

Taco Soup And Mock Cornbread

I'm busy today so I don't have time for a long post. Instead I'm going to share my all time FAVORITE detox recipe: Taco SoupIngredients 1 can each of rinsed - Red Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Great Northern Beans, and Kernel Corn.1 package of extra firm tofu - Crumbled1 can Rotel Tomatoes1 can low sodium Diced Tomatoes2 cans waterSeason to taste with Chili powder, Cumin, Garlic powder and fresh cilantro. (I like it spicey so I add lots of Chili and Cumin!)Directions: ...more

Spinach Casserole AKA Detox Lasagna

This is what Rudy and I are having for dinner tonight. It's one of my favorite detox recipes, but every time we go through the detox program I can never seem to find it without searching everywhere. I'm hoping by posting it here I'll never lose it again. Added bonus - those of you also doing detox (Fat Smash Diet Phase 1) have a new recipe to try! Spinach Casserole - aka Detox LasagnaIngredients:1 package frozen chopped spinach .... ...more

I lost 29 pounds - 15 more to go.

Last year around this time I came to the realization that I was at my highest weight ever. I knew I was overweight, but when I checked my BMI I was shocked to realize that I had actually tipped into the "obese" category. My BMI was 30.8 and anything over 30 is considered obese. It was at that moment that I decided I needed to make a drastic lifestyle change. ...more

We initially made this switch due to researching the health benefits
(disease reversal and ...more

WVFC: New Year, New Diet, New Committment


Weight loss show no prejedice to the rich, middle class or poor.  It's a struggle for anyone ...more

Good Health-A-Thon: Setting Goals

This is the time of year that many of us are setting goals in hopes of achieving success with our New Year's resolutions. And setting realistic goals can be what makes or breaks a good resolution. Have you set your goals yet? There are many theories about how to set realistic and achievable goals. But it's not always as cut and dry as all that. As with everything in life, something that works for one of us may not work for all of us. Here are some ideas that may help you find success. ...more

Very good ideas...I will work on this this week. 

My journey...


WVFC: Mindful Diet in the New Year

<p>Dear Dr. Pat,</p><p>I began a diet just before Thanksgiving and lost three pounds in 2 weeks by giving up bread, sugar and wine and eating smaller amounts. ...more

Watch Your Eye! I Might Pop A Button!

Over the past 2-3 months my pants have slowly grown tighter. I step on the scale and I see my numbers go up. I am helpless when it comes to the holidays. It's the food. My god the delicious, wonderful, butter filled, sugar coated, fat saturated, food. I love it all. From the turkey on Thanksgiving to the shrimp on New Years Eve I am someone who always partakes in ALL of the holiday feasts. It's not only the food that gets me, it's also the drinks. I enjoy the dark stouts, egg nogs, and wonderful wines with little regard to the sea of calories packed in every glass. ...more

Maintain your weight and your budget? Here's how...

One secret that helps me maintain my weight is that I never buy bigger clothes.  When I start to feel like my pants are too tight, instead of buying a bigger size, I cut back on the snacks for a few days until they fit right again. I never have to adjust my weight by more than a pound or two at a time, which is easy.   I only buy new clothes when my current clothes fit. This very simple strategy can help you be aware of your weight, save you some money, and keep things from getting out of hand.    ...more

Easy Fresh Vegetables: Pre-cut, cleaned, and in a stay fresh/microwavable bag.

A great way to get your fresh vegetables - Pre-cut and cleaned. Do you find yourself wanting to eat healthier, but cleaning, cutting and preparing fresh vegetables isn't working out for you? I love vegetables but when I buy them fresh they often go bad before I even get a chance to eat them. For that reason, I tend to buy most of my vegetables frozen. But after my post on raw food diets, I really wanted to try and start eating some raw vegetables occasionally - and frozen really doesn't cut it. ...more

I love buying fresh apples but they rarely taste as good as they look in the market (except ...more