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Gluten-Free Living Is No Cakewalk

Living gluten-free isn't easy. You have to watch what you eat. And then there's the fear. What if what I ordered isn't gluten-free? What if they didn't prepare it in a separate pan? What if my friend used a wooden cutting board for this fruit? Do I risk it? I really started to worry after getting sick from food at my parents' house. Since my diagnosis, they have done everything to learn about celiac disease and make their kitchen safe for me, but if I can't eat safely at their house, where can I eat? ...more
I was diagnosed as a celiac in 1997 and unfortunately your dream was often a reality back then. ...more

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Can You Make a Loved One More Health Concious?

When I first became a dietitian over 10 years ago, I made a point to give nutritional advice to all of my family and friends. But after years of resistance to my help, I’ve learned to keep quite and wait until asked. I’ve come a long way from scrutinizing the plates of everyone I know. ...more