How to Fire Someone Respectfully

If you have employees, inevitably at some point you may have to fire one. It's not a task anyone looks forward to. It doesn't have to be mean-spirited or disrespectful however. That's why I thoroughly love this post from Lauren Bacon on how to fire someone with compassion and respect. Great advice for anyone who is or may be an employer one day. ...more

Is It Ever OK to Burn a Bridge?

Is it ever ok to burn a bridge? What if it gets really bad? Is it ok then? Or is the customer/boss/employer/friend/family member, etc always right? Should you stay on good terms no matter what the cost? This video has some great advice on how to deal with conflict and the burn/don't burn the bridge question. ...more
I burned a bridge when i left my job.I know i should never have....more

Covert Answers: Having “The Talk” with an Underperforming Colleague

[This post first appeared on the Covert Leadership blog. It has been edited slightly for BlogHer. Read the original here.] Covert Answers is a feature where Covert Leadership Agents answer reader questions and provide advice. Submit your questions here. Dear Agents:...more

How to Have Difficult Conversations With More Confidence and Ease

How do you handle difficult conversations? Are you adept at managing that difficult client? Can you converse with your boss on challenging issues with aplomb? Do you effectively manage any toxic people in your life? No one is immune to the need to have crucial conversations at different times. The key to success is being willing to have the conversations you most need to and managing yourself (emotions, energy and impact) in the process. ...more

Great point mashadutoit.... Email is critical for follow-up, recapping, and documentation, ...more