Blessings in Disguise

We know the quote from St. Paul that assures us that everything works out for the good for those who trust in God from the book of Romans....more

What to Expect When You Are Not Expecting (Yet)

Almost exactly three years ago, my husband Peter and I decided to have a baby. To be more specific, at that particular time we decided to start working on one. I'd be lying if I said that I felt a need so strong I just couldn't think of anything else but the baby. I could think of a million other things, as a matter of fact (don't forget, this was before I became pregnant and lost half of my brain cells for good)....more

And then there were 3 - Dealing with complicated pregnancies

There’s a fresh, hot, Cinnabun in my oven and the timer’s set for January. January 6th to be exact. Although, taking into consideration the way the eclair and the danish cooked up… we’ll need to be prepared by December 1st, at the latest. I have waited to make the “official” announcement due to many factors, the main one being that my pregnancies always seem to be as much fun as a cake-less birthday party and as difficult as pushing a car with square wheels up a hill – both ways in the snow, of course....more