5 Dangers of Blogging

You’re going to start a blog.  You finally decided to take the plunge and satisfy your inner “legend in your own mind” narcissist self.  Your are a decent writer, or not.  You have a lot of interesting stuff to tell the world, or not....more

6 Keyword Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Effectiveness

All businesses are looking for that competitive edge. Companies are turning more and more to social media as another online marketing channel to target and reach customers. In their haste to develop profiles, make connections and build relationships, one significant ingredient is often overlooked — keyword use in social media.Read more here:http://www.websuccessteam.com/WSTblog/2010/05/6-keyword-strategies-to-boost-your-social-media-effectiveness/...more

Web Success Team

There’s a new marketing tool in town you should know about. It’s in Beta testing but it is not only free but produces mountains of great marketing information to help you improve your website....more

What Are Blog Metrics?

Blog metrics are a way to measure the success (or at least the popularity) of a blog. In this article I will introduce you to several of the sites that are most popular for determining a blog's success: Google PageRank, Technorati, Digg, and Alexa. Whether you put any stock into them is your call. (wink) ...more

Not sure what's going on with Technorati these days.  Many logs don't get indexed.  Links do ...more

What's your Sharing Strategy? Do you chatter/tweet/facebook/delicious/kirtsy/digg/stumble/other? Only one? Combo? Why?

This is a really simple blogpost for a really simple reason: I'm carving out a sharing strategy of content I read that I want to save and share. I'm not talking sites I want to return to time and again. Not yet anyway. I'm talking first time reads that I think "Ooh, this is good I want to share it." Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should not just have that giddy light hearted tell all excitement. But I do. And it keeps growing. ...more

What are some of the sights you belong to ....please share...which you would recommend ...more

Where to find holiday decorations?

Many folks are putting up decoration now because its is after thanksgiving.Sometimes it is tough to decide if you should use this year decorations or last year decorations .Some folks just mix both years. Christmas decorations can be found in christmaspeople.com,christmasplace.com and salesplanet.ws ...more

How to Use Digg to Increase Your Blog Traffic Readers

  I hope all my fellow American readers had an enjoyable 4th of July Holiday! My writing has taken a little hiatus, as Charming Son-in-Law’s parents were visiting from Vermont, and we spent a lovely holiday weekend with them.  ‘Lil Moomette enjoyed seeing both sets of grandparents all at once. Now it’s back to beefing up my content writing on this site…mini vacation is over! ...more

Who Cares if a Few Dykes Get Banned from Digg?

Got your attention? Good. Recently I’ve become aware of a strange situation at Digg, where a few quality lesbian articles have been systematically buried and lesbian Diggers have been banned, with no response from Digg. Why should you care? ...more

I just tried to post this amazingly poignant piece of Def poetry to Digg and it seems the URL is ...more

May I introduce Wo...

Hi everybody, I am very new on this incredible site and wondering how many people and blogspots are here. Some time ago we've created a new website. Now it is ready to use so please let me introduce our work. It is a service which collects interesting articles related to women issues (beauty, style, health, pregnancy and many more). Some of you maybe know Digg.com which is tech news collector. Some of you know Sk-rt.com which is the same service as Digg but oriented to women. ...more