(Hashtag) Trending, Over It

Played out: taking pictures of food, mason jars, and food served on slate. Haven’t we all had enough of…...more

#storylove: My Cyberdream for Short Stories' Future

It all started with the nugget of a thought. This idea that, for publishing to thrive in the digital age, it was going to have to change a lot. As I read blogs, articles, forums about publishing, this piece of the puzzle was clear on all sides.But how? What would be the great new secret to success be? Everyone has their own opinion....more

How I Fell in Love with Stories & What I'm Doing About It

When I was little, my parents read to me every night at bedtime. Through these evening readings, I fell in love with characters, worlds and the power of story. Eloise, Dr. Suess, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle … there’s just too many to name....more

We Live in a McINFO World

We Live in a McINFO World We l...more