For me DIY means DIM

DIY. Three simple letters which mean something free-ing: do. it. yourself. I like that. I'm one of those DIY people, always have been. My mom once told me that when I was a very little girl I would always say "Let me do it myself mommy!"Just this week I translated that into DIM. No, it doesn't have anything to do with being a dim bulb or a dimwit. Rather it is Do. It. Myself. Makes whatever "it" is much more personal....more

Your Soul Needs Juice!

Thanks. I needed that poster1more

BlogHer Digital Collage Artist/Nature Photographer Newbie :)

I just joined the BlogHer community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow artsy chicks.  I'm in my first year of really promoting my photography and digital collage art.  It's still a little overwhelming to try and be visible online and stand out... I'm hoping to learn from other artists who have been at it a while and learned what works, etc....more