Can You Unplug for 24 Hours?

I recently read about The National Day of Unplugging, coming up on March 7-8, from sundown to sundown. The basic premise is to not use a digital device, especially your smart phone, during these 24 hours. I’m going to try it. And I fully expect to fail....more

Six Steps to a Digital Detox

"When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?"-Thich Nhat HanhA few weeks ago, as I was setting my intentions for the New Year, it hit me: My iPhone is distracting me ... from the now....more

Digital Detox: Leaving Social Media at Home to Take an Electronics-Free Vacation

It's bitterly cold this morning in Washington, DC, which means that I have already thought about vacations in warm climates at least twice before breakfast. What would be perfect right now would be a beach -- someplace warm -- with nothing more to do than read books, sleep on the sand, and maybe go swimming every once in a while to cool off. Though this post is about whether a laptop or smartphone features into this dream vacation. ...more
I don't consider myself constantly accessible. Most of my calls go unanswered. I'll answer a ...more