School Librarians Get the Third Degree

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is having serious budget problems. There is a section on the district web site that shows a chart of how they spend the money. One of the LAUSD solutions is the closing of elementary and middle school libraries. ...more

You have people that really do not understand why we need real people to communicate with ...more

Are your kids--and you--digitally literate?

Recently, the director of the teaching resources center where I work turned to me and asked, "What does it mean for students at our university to be digitally literate?" And if answering that question wasn't complicated enough, the additional question implied within it--and how can we encourage instructors to instill digital literacy in their students?--is even more daunting. ...more

This is a great post. I think one of the best lines is from Jill Walker:

"I think actually ...more