The Parasite Economy

Who would have thunk that Gymboree could shed light on the dilemmas of tech and media businesses? As I do every week, I was with my daughter at a play class for 2 year olds. She has a thing for picking up balls and tossing them into a bin--something I don't discourage. She's rather obsessive about it; she likes to pick up EVERY ball, even the ones in the far corners of the room. I watched her pick up on behalf of the rest of the kids, and just as she was about to toss in the last ball, a little boy intercepted it and carried it away....more
This is a really interesting way of looking at social media, Jory! I find the longer I slog ...more

My First Time Here

I'm new here, so I won't say much for the time being.However, I did come here to find out more, to learn more about networking from some of the more savvy women using blogging as a business tool, so any suggestions, tips, learning experiences shared will be welcomed whole heartedly by this new blogger....more

The New Twitter

originally posted here:*before we even get started with this post, we have to give you an obligatory disclosure: Hailey works at a PR firm in the digital media department.. if you know where she works, great. if you don’t know where she works, even better. for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t really matter. ...more

BlogHer Conference

What did everyone think about the previos BlogHer Conferences?  I am a newbie mom to blogging for business and personal, but is the conference for experienced bloggers or new ones too? ...more

Breast Cancer and Barack Obama

I woke Friday morning having had some of the  best sleep I’ve had in ages. I don’t sleep particularly well so I appreciate it more than most.  I half expected to find halls blocked off but I went down and grabbed some food at the lovely breakfast buffet that Network of Strength put on.  I love a buffet where you can get fresh fruit, yogurt and BACON. I took a seat at a random table and started eating my breakfast when In noticed a stack of papers just to  my left. There was no one else at the table at this point so I took and what was it but the directions ...more

The Hokie Nation Remembers - and Begins Again

My godson moved into his freshman dorm at Virginia Tech this weekend. He goes with the very same love, support and pride that accompanies thousands of young people who are off to college this month. It just so happens, though, that he arrived in Blacksburg, Virginia, on the same weekend that the University dedicated a memorial, including 32 "Hokie Stones" for each student killed in last April's mass shooting that took 32 young lives, plus the self-inflicted death of the shooter. ...more

It is a sad day when high school and college students cannot go to school without bullet-proof ...more