The Week Before Christmas: BlogHer Version

with apologies to CC MooreTwas the week before Christmas and all through the ‘netThe only thing stirring was a Zhu Zhu pet.Elisa and Erin just back from DCSharing BlogHer perspective on policy.Bloggers continued to shop, just a bit lessAnd Rita invited us to share our mess....more

It did!!! Hahaha! :)


Encountering Crisis Online: What to Do When Someone Threatens Suicide

90-day-Jane started her blog with a very clear mission and message. She planned to kill herself. Her blog would chronicle the 90 days leading up to her suicide. Her "About Me" introduction read:I am going to kill myself in 90 days. What else should I say? This blog is not a cry for help or even to get attention. It's simply a public record of my last 90 days of existence. I'm not depressed and nothing extremely horrible lead me to this decision. But does it really have to?...My generation has had no great depression, no great war and our biggest obstacle is beating Halo 3. So, if I feel like saying 'game over', why can't I?...more

I am glad this post is helpful to you. Sadly, I believe that we will encounter crisis ...more

Releasing My Inner Foodie: Is The Internet Revolution Just in My Kitchen?

The marriage of food and the Internet is a revolution, plain and simple. I was once a die-hard anti-cook and committed food assembly expert. I reigned as queen of the ready-made food section of the grocery store and could put together an already cooked meal like no one else. My affair with Internet cooking began when I endeavored to initiate a family meal campaign. While establishing a page on my site to champion the virtues of families eating meals together at home, I inadvertently created my own food site....more

There really is such a vast world of food-lovers out there!  I adore the beautiful ...more

Mommas Who Let Their Babies Grow Up To Be Bloggers

When you want to partake in the quintessential blog experience, get yourself to the nearest teen blog. Since blogging is really a form of journaling, it follows that teens would take to blogging like fire to a dry Southern California hillside! Delving into teen blogs is a little like visiting another dimension. They are so creative and unique, so earnest and open. And though teachers, parents, experts and even the FBI are constantly issuing warnings to teens about being careful--about not exposing too much or connecting with strangers-- teen bloggers will not be denied their freedom of expression. Teen sites are like wide open books. And as varied as they are-- from book reviews to celebrity gossip to religious ministries-- the teen blog is about honesty and revelation...and about the brave act of putting yourself--thoughts, ideas, passions and opinions-- out into the world....more

I have a blog with some of the women in my family.  It's full of crafts and posts about ...more

Online Holiday Activities for Kids (and Adults)

Last month, the news hit that the US Postal Service would no longer be forwarding mail addressed to Santa at the North Pole to North Pole, Alaska for response and postmark. While this is not good news for North Pole, it does not mean that your child won't get an answer to his or her letter to Santa....more

Internet Addiction: When You've Really Got It, You'll Know

We bloggers love to talk about our Internet addictions. We mostly use the term "addiction" loosely and endearingly. But we do use it frequently!...more

Last spring I started implementing "internet-lite" days and evenings. Actually, I originally ...more

Photo Tips for a Harmonious Holiday

Do you like to take the pictures at the holidays so you won’t be in too many? Yeah, me too. It’s a well known fact - if you are BEHIND the camera, you cannot be in FRONT of it.   If you are the self-appointed photographer during family celebrations, you need to document the event without irritating all your friends and family....more

I accidentally stumbled upon this photo tip during the Super Bowl last year. We had just ...more

Helicopters Landing: Overparenting Trend Taking a Turn?

Perhaps I have been team parenting too long! With our five kids and their six different sports, we are two worn-out parents!! Just this evening, as basketball season opened for my high school aged daughter, I, once again a designated team parent, was rushing...more

Oh, ...more

Is Texting the New Teen Road Hazard?

On Monday, the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life project released a new survey about teens' experiences with cell phone use in cars: Teens and Distracted Driving. They found that nearly 50 percent of all teens ages 12-17 have been in a car while the driver was texting, and among older teens, ages 16-17, more than 40 percent have talked on a cell phone while driving and more than 25 percent have texted while driving. ...more

My pleasure.  As a longtime member of AAA, I truly value what you offer to drivers. ...more

Does Facebook Really Make Kids Stupid?

For years, academics, educators and all manner of pontificating pundits have been bemoaning the downfall of intelligence at the hands of technology. The use and over-use of television created, to hear them tell it, passive, stupid children, and thus the name “boob tube”. Video games are blamed for producing violent, fat, under-achieving students. ...more

There is no doubt that "the benefits of Internet use to their academic and intellectual ...more