So what do KIDS have to say about going online?

CNN recently reported that kids are using social networks in increasing numbers; some flouting (with or without parental consent) the age requirements on public networks like Facebook and MySpace, others using social networks like Webkinz and Club Penguin created just for kids....more

Interesting Christine, about your 13-year old. Must be the difference between girls and boys, ...more

Are We Bloggers Over-Exposed Online?

I am totally exposed on the 'Net and it scares my husband to death! I have managed to disclose my full name, my appearance and the city in which I live. You don’t have to search far to find out what I do for a living (or how many careers I have had)… or how many children I have and their ages. With one link click or two, you can know how long I have been married and all of the cities in which we once lived. Did I mention that I have posted pictures of myself as I look now, as a child and a teen? I have even included a picture of my first car. ...more

I've never really worried that much about it either. I've been online since 2000 and haven't ...more

How do you protect your kids online?

When we first started chatting about covering the issue of online safety, it was like stepping into the WABAC Machine. [Fellow Mr. Peabody addicts, watch here] ...more

Parental controls are easy to set up on a Windows PC, as well.  You can get to Parental ...more

Teaching Kids to Navigate Angry Tweets and Hoaxes with Good Digital Citizenship

I started this post with the intention to riff off a terrific column by Kristy Campbell at Mommytracked, I've Turned My Kids Into Addicts, about her strategy for weaning her family away from excessive digital dependence. Given what I have already shared with everyone about my family's digital addictions, it seemed like a good idea whose time had come....more

No worries about the rant. I am going to get to the issue of marketing to kids in an upcoming ...more

Bridging the Generations Digitally--One Great-Grandmother at a Time

My family is blessed with lots of extended family. We are extremely blessed because not only do my kids have both sets of grandparents, they also have their beloved great-grandmother, too. My parents and my grandmother live nearby and we have dinner with them every Sunday. Until last year, my husband’s mother and grandmother lived with us. We just lost his grandmother last year. She was 101. Before she left us, she was thrilled to have been present at the college graduations of all of her grandchildren and many of her great-grand-children. I have been increasingly dismayed with a gradual shift that is happening in our family. The chasm between the kids and the elders is widening....more

Hi Gina

Thanks for mentioning FamiliLink. We also want it to make it as easy for ...more

Doug’s Digital World

As I noted in last week's post, I’m pretty geeky, especially when it comes to gadgets. So is my husband. It should come as no surprise then, that our son was clamoring to use the computer as soon as he could operate a keyboard. He had his very own computer at the age of three, courtesy of my hardware geek brother, and we cycled through all the age-appropriate computer games. I’ll do an inventory here at some point of our favorites; some are still available and well worth the money....more

I am so loving this entire exchange!! All of the different viewpoints and approaches to ...more

On Being Facebook Smart

Last December when our son turned thirteen  I asked him if he would like to open his very own Facebook account. He told me he wasn't interested. Life went on. A few months later we visited friends who lived in a land far far away Kansas....more

I believe it was a segment on this morning's "Morning Edition," if that ...more

If Sleep is Currency, We Paid Too Much For That Cell Phone

  It’s 10:00 p.m. and I am racing to bed. This is what I’ve always done since childhood—race to bed. I value sleep like currency. I love nothing more than to climb into tightly drawn covers; feel the smooth coolness of the sheets and let my head sink into a plump down pillow. The truth is—I am racing all day. I am starting a business and teaching and speaking and writing. I am cleaning and doing laundry and carpooling. Like most women, my days are one long race. But at the end of the day –around 6:00 p.m.--a kind of alarm goes off in my head and I become hyper-focused on the finish line that is blessed sleep! So I fumble through those last few matters that stand between me and dreamland---dinner, homework, dishes… 10:30 is already late for me. But now my head has hit the pillow and I’m happy…and then, I am out. I am not out for long, however, before I am awakened by a familiar sound--- Ping-- Ping—Pinggg. ...more

But this isn't "all temptations." It's a cell phone. 99% of the time, it's a toy. Use of it ...more

Translating my son's digital world

"What number is bigger than 1000 trillion?" asks my husband on the drive home. "Google. Googleplex!" replies my nine-year old son Douglas. Now, he didn't mean Google's headquarters. He meant a googolplex, the theoretically largest number in the world. He tells me he learned about it last year in third grade. Third grade. In third grade, my son learned about a number that is in fact impossible to calculate or even write. ...more