Will the publishing industry ever grow up?

The latest spat in the publishing world:...more

Insights into digital publishing and Twitter for writers

I posted this after going to a talk by two experts in the digital publishing field, Danuta Kean and Dan Franklin, who both had some inspiring ideas and thoughtful insights into the way publishing is changing and how to make the most of digital publishing as a new author:...more

What Will eBooks, Readers and Nooks Mean to Book Publishing?

Armed with the Barnes & Noble e-reader nook I gave to my 87-year-old father for his birthday, I went to my favorite Barnes & Noble store on Sunday morning. Not so long ago, I was a regular at this store. It was almost guaranteed that I never left without some kind of purchase. ...more

I'm stubborn.  I love my books.  That being said,  I see an eReader in my ...more