The Parasite Economy

Who would have thunk that Gymboree could shed light on the dilemmas of tech and media businesses? As I do every week, I was with my daughter at a play class for 2 year olds. She has a thing for picking up balls and tossing them into a bin--something I don't discourage. She's rather obsessive about it; she likes to pick up EVERY ball, even the ones in the far corners of the room. I watched her pick up on behalf of the rest of the kids, and just as she was about to toss in the last ball, a little boy intercepted it and carried it away....more
This is a really interesting way of looking at social media, Jory! I find the longer I slog ...more

Paper books are dead. Long live paper books!

Ever since Amazon introduced the first Kindle -- or was it back when Sony introduced their e-reader? -- it's become de rigueur for bibliophiles and writers alike to wring their hands and bemoan the end of books as we know them. Technology will stamp out the joy of holding a book in your hands! You'll never feel the spine crack open under your fingertips! You'll miss that new-book smell! Also, the sky the falling. Just in case you were wondering. ...more

But I'm letting the dust settle, I'm never one to have the latest gear to be cool.  Too $$$.  ...more