Carrot and Radish Salad


World-Famous Dill Pickles

Yes, they really are "World-Famous".  Just try them to find out why! Life's too short to eat crappy food.  :-)

"Pickled" fiddleheads with horseradish


You should totally try them. They are only around in the grocery store in the spring - and ...more

Smoked Salmon the Charcutepalooza way!

Hot Smoked Salmon."Smoked" anything sounds sexy. Doesn't it?Kind of what I thought I was when I was 16 and I started smoking. My mom and my lungs thought otherwise....more

Dill Pesto

Right now, the dill is taking over my herb garden in its lovely, flavorful and feathery bloom.  My attempts to use it don’t usually make a dent in the amount growing, even as I leave plenty to seed next year’s crop, or to share with the next interested gardener.  Mostly, I have been cutting it into salads.  I could also add it to butter, or make pickles, or hang some upside down to dry.  The dill is everywhere, self seeding from beautiful, zebra-colored seeds given to me a few years ago by a patient who also grows startlingly lovely lavender roses.  ...more

But that does sound like an excellent way to use up dill from the garden. ...more

Garlicky Dill Potatoes

Sometimes you have to work on the weekends…and it sucks. On these days, I have little to no time or energy to cook dinner or to do anything else besides bitch and moan about working too much....more

Yummy. I'm hungry.

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