Le Diplomate DC-- Yes, believe the hype

Le Diplomate1601 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 332-3333lediplomatedc.com...more

Victory's Banner: Good & Healthy in Chicago

Victory's Banner2100 W Roscoe St., Chicago, IL 60618 (773)665-0227victorysbanner.com/...more

Acqua Al 2 Italian Food in DC

Acqua Al 2212 7th Street Southeast, Washington DC, 20003 • (202) 525-4375http://acquaal2dc.com/Dined on April 21, 2014...more

The Girls at the Grille at Maple Lawn

Today on the agenda was lunch with some girls I used to work with. Amazing, beautiful, funny ladies."Where are we meeting for lunch?""We're going to meet at Looney's in Maple Lawn.""Where the hell is that?""It's halfway between us.""From the name 'Looney's' I am going to guess it is causal. Am I correct in that assumption?""Yeah. It's a weird area. Imagine if there was a show about the zombie invasion. It's all nice places with no people. No cars. Potential undead."...more

701 Restaurant review

701 Restaurant701 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004 • (202) 393-0701www.701restaurant.com Dinner for two: $140 incl. tax and tip with no alcohol...more

How to Visit Paris The Vegan and Gluten Free Way

For many, Paris is the ultimate destination. One of the world's most beautiful cities filled with art, culture, wine and incredible food. Although for special diets such as vegan, gluten free and dairy free, it seems that it might not be the most accommodating place to visit. But I'm glad to report that it is quickly becoming a hotspot for delicious dining, no matter your dietary restrictions!First of all, let’s get the touristy tips out of the way:...more

Pressure to pay: After Dinner

Have you been stuck with more than your fair share of a tab? How did you handle it? ...more

2014 Dining Trends

Survey says....Sterling Rice Group [consulting], Boulder Colorado, polled celebrity chefs, product developers, restaurant consultants and grocery store shoppers to determine cutting-edge dining trends for 2014. See infographic below. Click HERE to enlarge. ...more

Italy the Healthy Way

Whether you are looking to stave off the pounds or have special dietary needs, travelers can still indulge and enjoy all the deliciousness that Italy has to offer. In the birthplace of pizza, where pasta flows as freely as the wine, Italy may seem like a tough place to keep an eye on your waistline. However, it’s not as difficult as you may think! From gluten free pastas to naturally vegan pizzas and soy gelatos, get your taste buds ready for the healthy side of Italy....more