Do Crying Kids Really Bother You All That Much?

I had an experience a few months ago, and then again last night, that gave me pause, and I'd really like to know: Do kids crying in public really annoy you? I mean, does that really bother people?I will admit, before my propagatory ship came in, I was the first person to belch out, "Ugh! Kids!" at any appropriate juncture. The mere mention of children and the possibility that I may have to share real estate with them automatically activated the Eye Roll/Melodramatic Sigh Reflex. I realized, however, that children were people, too, and I couldn't discriminate based on inability to control one's impulses, form a sentence, or wipe one's own tush, as much as my insides quaked to do so. I accepted children, much as I do reality TV stars, as a functional part of our society, and moved on....more
@robotheart I agree completely. more