Yum! Check out this Greek Spot in Hollywood

If you've ever been to Hollywood Beach, you know the boardwalk has a ton of restaurants with quite a variety of cuisines....more

Holiday Weekend, where have you gone?

 My, my, my that holiday weekend flew by! All the usual feelings are present and accounted for: happiness from the greatness we experienced; frustration with getting back to the daily grind of reality; and a certain sadness that stems from it all being over. ...more

Yumlicious Adventures

We enjoyed some awesome bruschetta recently at Pannullo's. Light but with a full bite of flavor= what more could we ask for, people? ...more

Setting the Social Scene!

You never realize how big of a role food truly plays in your social life until one day you’re stressing out over what to choose on the menu in front of you. Weighing pros and cons, costs and benefits and what will just MAYBE not sending you flying to the bathroom or breaking out in eczema after the evening is over....more




I miss my kitchen. Sure I have my “temporary kitchen, but I miss mine, where I couldcook, bake, make coffee in…mine! Eating out is one thing. How people can do it all the time is beyondme.Pretty sad when my idea of a comfortable meal is a bowl ofcereal here at Undisclosed. This house will be done. **not soon enough** ...more

Booking Bots Create a Black Market for Restaurant Reservations

image via b3tards.com ...more

Dining Out with Food Allergies


When Dining Out Turns Into A Horror Film

We had our first public puking. And it was totally unexpected. Lil Man was happy, playing, and not showing any signs of anything being wrong. We went out to dinner for Father's Day. Lil Man was eating, laughing, and on his 3rd glass of chocolate milk. I know, I know. But he was enjoying himself, and it's not like he wasn't eating his dinner along with drinking apparently a HUGE amount of chocolate milk....more