A Frugal Girls Night: Update

So last night didn't exactly go as planned.  Big surprise, huh?  Isn't that the way life usually works?We get to the restaurant and the entree special (steak and lobster) that we were planning on ordering was no longer on special.  Ok, time to regroup. ...more

Thankful for friends to lunch with!

November 21, 2011- What I am Thankful for: I am thankful for having friends to lunch with and on Monday my friend Joan invited me to join her and her neighbor Connie at the local Irish pub. P.J. O’Reilly’s offers several lunch specials, Joan and I both ordered the beef sliders, I selected the green salad as my side dish and Joan ordered the potato soup. The beef sliders were perfectly cooked and served on a small bun that was lightly toasted with smear of mustard and a pickle, I am not a real fan of mustard on my burger but it was tasty....more

Sneaking food into Cracker Barrel

So Uncle Lloyd wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Sigh.  As a Vegan chick of the no-added-oil variety, there are precious few places to dine out at that I don't have to sneak food into.  Eating out always entails a phone call to the chef to ask what he/she can prepare for a vegan who does not eat added oil in any dish. ...more

Heading to Paris for Vacation

I'm sitting here listening to my Coffee Break French podcasts to brush up on my French before heading off to Paris.  If you're heading to a French speaking country, this is a fantastic way to learn how to speak French.  Mark and Anna are the teachers, which is made even more interesting by their strong Scottish accents when speaking English, but the complete absence of any accent in French....more
I'm heading there day after!! How was your trip?? trips and tricks welcome!!more

A Romantic Dinner at a Serious Discount - Restaurant.com

For many, going out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day is a tradition but, what about if you made it a date night every month? Or even every week?...more

The Joys of Dining Out: Restaurants are our Friend

Well, the new year has finally dawned upon us. As 2011 gets underway, thoughts undoubtedly turn to the economy and how we, as Americans, can stretch a dollar bill and make George Washington grin like he's certifiably insane. In an effort to streamline our finances, there are some extravagances that we can live without: sky-high mortgages, gold- and diamond-encrusted dog chains, designer clothes to fill an already overflowing closet or a weeks’ stay at a $3,000 a night resort....more

Four Vegetarian or Vegan Options for Dining During BlogHer Food

Though BlogHer Food will, of course, provide plenty of on-site opportunities to eat, what better opportunity to experience San Francisco than by seeing it through its food? The restaurant recommendations I made for conference attendees last year still hold true, but this year, I have some new ideas to share, and those of you with special dietary restrictions or philosophies ought to enjoy this particular list. Here are four primarily or completely vegetarian--or, in the case of two of the choices, vegan!--restaurant options if you're looking for a lunch or dinner out at a place that will satisfy both the herbivores and omnivores in the crowd. ...more

Emily, I dream about the Plant Burgers. And I am, under normal circumstances, a total meat ...more

The Pursuit of Happiness - Day 34

Took hubby out for dinner for his birthday. It was the best $100 bucks I've spent in a long time! Preshus spent a good 15 minutes sucking the juice out of that lemon wedge! And another 20 minutes chewing on that straw in his mouth. Don't worry, He did eat some real food. We brought him some food from home and he loved the sweet potato fries we ordered. Yummy!...more

Make Your Reservations Now: New York City Dining Splurges To Consider During BlogHer ‘10

In my admittedly biased opinion, there is no area of the country with better food than the San Francisco Bay Area. But New York? Along with Chicago, it definitely gives the Bay Area a run for its money, and that’s why it’s worth giving some thought now to where to eat during BlogHer ‘10. ...more


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