Lemony Lime Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Wine

 LEMONY LIME CHICKEN WITH FRESH HERBS AND WINEMeat and PoultryWe’re all busy; especially during the we...more

Vegetable Frittata

Winter has finally showed her ugly, bitter head here in Georgia this week. And all this arctic air is giving me a good reason to keep my oven on!California girls aren't made for arctic air! If I wanted Arctic air, I'd move to Michigan. I'm never moving to Michigan, if that clears things up for you.This week I've been roasting tomatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes and just about anything else so I can use my oven. Actually I've been roasting all these vegetables so I can make this Vegetable Frittata....more

Old School Split Pea Soup

As many of you know, the East Coast of the U.S. was hammered this past weekend with an epic snowstorm, (we personally got about three feet), so while we we’re squirreled away waiting for everything to end, I whipped up a huge pot of Old School Split Pea Soup.  It beat shoveling!...more

Filipino Recipe Chicken Adobo

On New Years Day, my mom made Chicken Adobo, a traditional Filipino recipe that I have come to love since I was a child.  It reminded me that I wanted to share the recipe again after taking some new photos of it.  This is one of those recipes that brings back childhood memories for me.  It definitely reminds me of my mother and dinner time with family.  Thoughts of this dish surround me with comfort and nostalgic feelings of sitting at the table to indulge in a delicious, warm home cooked meal.  I'm hap...more

Happy Thanksgiving to Me


Best Thanksgiving Gravy Tip

Have you ever been cooking your turkey, basting your little heart out, and you realize you’re not going to have enough drippings left to make your gravy, that most essential liquid component of your Thanksgiving table (well, other than the wine!)?  If so, I have the best Thanksgiving gravy tip for you!  My mother shared this with me when I told her I could never figure out how she always had such a crazy quantity of fresh gravy when everyone else was stocking up on canned and dumping that into their gravy boats....more

Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Holiday Dinner

Who doesn't love holidays? It is the time to bring together entire family, show gratitude and love each other. This ultimate guide to saving money shows you how to stop being wasteful with your finances and instead show gratitude. Did you know that based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics study, our food is the 3rd largest household expense? If you don't want to go over your budget during holidays, then you need to plan accordingly. Follow this guide to saving money and be grateful what you already have....more

Classy Quesadilla Recipe

Cheesy goodness between two pieces of bread, the adult grilled cheese if you will, who doesn’t love a quesadilla? Usually not the poster child for health, but sometimes they boast redeeming qualities… sometimes. Many menus offer a veggie quesadilla or a side of fresh salsa to make it seem healthy, but usually they still end up greasy, normally filled with meat and cheese, right? This recipe transforms this street food into a healthier and yes, classier meal. Maybe you’ll even eat it with a knife and fork (haha)....more

Sweet Spiced Chicken (slow cooker recipe)

A pleasant and unique version of shredded chicken to serve as soft tacos. A little bit of sweet mixed with a little bit of heat. The best of both worlds. Great option to serve to hungry football watchers on a Sunday afternoon! Recipe at http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/09/15/sweet-spiced-chicken-slow-cooke......more

1960s Inspired Food: Meatloaf Muffins with Potato "Frosting"

Have you been watching The Astronaut Wives Club? It’s my new favorite show. I just love that era and how beautiful the woman always look – especially their matching lipstick and nail polish. I’m rarely that put together, but it gives me inspiration. A few episodes back, one of the wives made meatloaf muffins and piped mashed potato “frosting” on top. I new I had to recreate this adorable idea....more