Whole 30 Meals and Recipes- Lunch/Dinner

Hi everyone! If you are looking for the lunch and dinner recipes for our January Whole30 Program, you've come to the right place! For all your AM Meal needs, you can find those in the Breakfast Post Here! I hope you all love these recipes as much as I do. Remember that you can mix and match any of these during the plan if you just don't feel like whatever I have on the menu for that night ;)...more

Dinner Ideas for Family of 4

Working mom’s hardly get time out of their hectic schedules to think and decide what all to cook for dinner every night. It becomes tough to make a proper meal for dinner for the family while managing work, looking after kids, doing household work and other family activities....more

Cheat Code - Tips for creating easy dinners in No Time

Creating dinner can be fun as well as grilling at the same time. For most of the people it is a pain because they have to plan the whole menu, go and purchase the groceries, spend hours in kitchen to manage a nice dinner.However, there are some very simple cheat codes which everybody should know. These cheat codes help you in creating dinner. You must have all these easy dinner ideas handy, every time in your kitchen so that you can also enjoy cooking as much as I do.Tips for creating easy dinners-...more

Easy Mediterranean Pizzas

These individual Mediterranean Pizzas were so easy to make, I'm surprised I'd never thought to try them before - especially considering how much Flintstone loves hummus! In addition to being fun finger food, these are vegan (or plant based if that's how you roll), delicious, and pretty darn good for you....more

Easy and Simple Mardi Gras Dinner Ideas

Looking for some Mardi Gras dinner ideas? In today’s post, I will share three interesting dinner recipes. “Mardi Gras,” or “Fat Tuesday,” is all about celebrating the last day of indulgence before austere Ash Wednesday ushers in Lent and its 40 days of fasting until Holy Saturday. Whether you participate in the Lenten season or not, this time of the year give us an awesome chance to celebrate all the Cajun-style cuisine of the Gulf....more
That sounds good. - Denisemore

National Pizza Week Recipes

I'm not sure who makes up these holidays, but I always find the "National {insert noun} Week" and "{Insert Noun} Day" interesting. They also make great inspiration for blog posts. :) ...more

deer oh dear!

Apologies to my vegetarian readership, but you may as well stop here (fair warning) and wait until next week. If you know me at all, you know I do try to write for everyone, but sometimes a girl just has to have meat!You see, it is (or recently was, I’m not sure) hunting season here in central Texas, and this year my neighbor’s boy (as they say in these parts, meaning the son of my neighbor) got two deer. Mmmm… I do love venison!I heard that he’d had a good hunt......more

Lemon Thyme Chicken

Lemon Thyme Chicken ...more