How does a pterodactyl say I love you?

There is a video of my son at seven months old. He is in his high chair with a sippy cup in front of him. In the video I ask him, "What does a baby pterodactyl say?" And he proceeds to screech and giggle in a manner that I find faintly Jurassic and very funny....more

Stegosaurus' Friend

Right after the craft party, I showed my little one the Stegosaurus that I made and also the packs of corrugated paper in the goodie bag that I got.  He was thrilled and wanted to make more stuff.  At first he wanted to make animals that were shown on the packaging but he eventually settled on his all-time favourite -- a dinosaur!...more

My First Craft Party

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever Craft Party that was hosted by Katrina Alana, Kokoru Corrugated Paper and Crafty Singapore.  FUN FUN FUN!!!  This was no easy feat as the party was to last for 2 hours!  What about my 2 little fellows??  Luckily, hubby took both of them to a nearby mall while I enjoyed my craft party totally uninterrupted, a very rare treat!...more

DIY Dinosaur Bookend

I Fed My Kid To Raptors

Whenever my husband and I do date night and see a PG-13+ movie, the number of parents that bring toddlers along always surprises me. Why not just wait for it to come out on Blu-ray or DVD? Is it worth traumatizing your toddler with violent special effects or terrifying sequences to see The Avengers or Paranormal Activity 3? Okay, The Avengers was pretty great, but where are their priorities, I used to think. It’s borderline child abuse, I used to think. ...more

Dinosaur/Mohawk Hoodie

Thanks! more

I have been hanging out with Bodacious Boomer all day. And dinosaurs

How exciting! Try and guess what I've been up to today? Clue: it certainly doesn't involve me hanging around 'the day after yesterday'. I've been moonlighting that's what. Or if you prefer, you could call it whoring because it makes me sound a little bit edgy like Anna Nicole Smith (but without the twin airbags or red lipstick). 'What the bloody hell are you banging on about?' I hear you cry. ...more

Are Charity Galas Facing Extinction?

The earth evolves and the world turns. The poor old dinosaur hit a brick wall due to the ice age…or was it a meteor? Or both? Whatever you believe one thing is for sure, they ultimately couldn’t survive the resulting dramatic climate change. So is the lavish black-tie Charity Gala in for its own abrupt end? A storm of factors are causing fundraising organizations from Newport Beach to Palm Beach to re-evaluate the scale and grandeur of black-tie galas. ...more