Daffodils and Dinos: Life with a Five-Year-Old

Tonight I read my five-year-old son a bed time story that included the following passage:  “An insect had planted its egg in Chasmosaurus’ hide some days earlier. Now the egg had hatched and the larva was burrowing through Chasmosaurus’ skin to reach a vein so that it could suck blood.”...more

Meet Princess Awesome! (Girls can like Dinosaurs, Pirates and Airplanes too!)

I am so impressed by Moms.  Really.  Some of you ladies really take my breath away with all of the hats that you wear and all of the things that you accomplish.  Recently I decided to start a series of posts hi lighting some crafty ladies.  Really, I wish I was able to do what you do.  You see, I am a #PinterestAlwaysFail.  Bless my own heart, I really try....more

Jurassic world: the survival of the fittest

Well the other day, I finally faced the long awaited moment - the release of that single trailer, the sole driving force of my existence: The Jurassic World trailer. With the glimpse of a sole dinosaur, I was transported back to the realms of my own Jurassic cosmos walking amongst the magnificent beasts !   ...more

Dinosaur World, Plant City, Florida

Have You Been? Dinosaur World Florida #travel #Florida Disclosure: My family and I were invited to Dinosaur World (Florida) by US Family Guide Blogger Network to share our experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own and honest.  ...more

'Extinct' to a five year old and a seven year old

This morning, on the typically 35-45 minute drive to the girls' school, my 5 yr old said that she learned in preschool (in previous years) that "extinct" means to go away and never come back. I confirmed to my 5 year old and my 7 year old that for something to be 'extinct' is for all of its kind to go out of existence and to not come back. And that seemed to satisfy them as well as their curiosity. Would be rather inconvenient and dangerous for us if certain creatures, say dinosaurs, were able to come back out of extinction. ...more

Create an Easy & Fun Archaeology Dig Site For Kids!

Perfect for a warm Spring day -- and lots of fun to boot -- try setting up an archaeology dig site for your kids! Captain, like many 5-year-old kids, loves dinosaurs and digging in the earth. She asked me to set up this dig site for her, and it was terrific fun....more
I would never have thought of this! How creative! My 11 year old will love this. She absolutely ...more

Welcome note to me from me, that all are invited to read!!

Ok...so this is the beginning of my blogging experience. I'll start by outlining some important information about myself....more

Earth Promise: Composting 101

Composting.  I have to admit, it frightens me: the thought of our food scraps rotting in the scorching Florida sun just seems to be asking for a family of raccoons and other nocturnal rodents to invade and feast.  The more I research and people I talk with, I’ve discovered that your plants, flowers and shrubs are only as healthy as the soil that sustains them.   Organic materials ( i.e. ...more

Earth Promise: Even Dinosaurs Can Be Green

In February, I recommended some inspiring environmental children’s books.  In my search for the best (according to my children and me) earth-friendly readers, I somehow missed a gem. ...more