Hummus: how the falafel do you spell it?

Hummus, hommos, houmous???? Who really knows and does it matter anyway? Just as long as you can get some of this amazing, healthy, tasty stuff into yourself regularly, the correct spelling just is beside the point....more

Roasted Eggplant Dip

Roasted Eggplant dip is a spicy and super delicious, vegan and gluten free recipe that can be served as side with rice or flat breads.This is prepared using eggplant, onions, fresh coriander leaves and green chilies. This is a popular konkani side dish and is known as gulla bhajji....more

7 Layer Cincinnati Chili Dip Recipe

7 Layer Cincinnati Chili Dip Recipe A lot of my Cincinnati Bengals fans are pretty heartbroken to be out of the playoffs so I created a new Superbowl Dip Recipe that will help ease the pain!  Nothing says Cincinnati like our sweet spicy chili, so instead of making the typical skyline dip with only three ingredients, I've taking it up a notch with a 7 layer dip.  All the flavors came together great for a new take on an old favorite.  I love cooking in the cast iron skillet and it was perfect to serve in!...more

Cannellini bean dip with a Mexican twist

  Fajitas are on the menu at home tonight, one of the kids favourite things and a must have on the table are always the dips, so here we go with the first dip......more

Dates Chutney

Dates Chutney is a very sweet, tangy and spicy, must have dip / chutney for most of the Indian chats / snacks. The addition of few spices not only enhances the flavor of the chutney but also makes it a perfect and delicious accompaniment for the chats....more

Creamy Spinach Dip

So I’m all excited because it’s a weekend that I don’t have to cook.Then I remember, that I have a potluck/happy hour thing after school on Tuesday for a teacher who is leaving at the end of the year.Damnit.Yeah, I like cooking, but I also appreciate the times when I don’t have to.So since it’s my cooking-free weekend and I know that I don’t need to do anything fancy for this happy hour, I decided to make a favorite of mine; Spinach Dip....more

Our Favorite Guacamole

I came up with this recipe to sneak some more veggies into the picky little people when they were younger. It worked out so beautifully because not only do they love this, but everyone else does, too! Bonus!!! I make it without black pepper and cayenne pepper. Too spicy for our Ballerina. I added them for you!...more