12 Tips for More Effective Email Marketing

Emailing a prospective client can be difficult at best.  Following up on potential leads is important, but so is saying the right thing.  It may help to consider your email piece as an elevator pitch - you only have a few seconds to grab attention and entice the customer to continue the conversation.  Here are a few tips to help make your email more effective... (Read more on 12 Tips for More Effective Email Marketing on Sazbean.com) ...more

5 Tips for Direct Mail Success

Learning how to successfully strengthen your customer base can be tough, especially if you're new to the small business world. You may know that direct mail marketing is a great way to reach out to both new and existing customers alike, but what exactly will make sure your marketing campaign produces results? Here are just a few pieces of advice from one business woman to the next that will put some power into your direct mail campaign.   1. RFM ...more