What's Wrong with 'Female' Directors?

We don't specify a musician as a 'female musician' or a writer as a 'female writer'. Do we really need to say 'female directors'?In the past few weeks, there seemed to be a sudden rise in the use of the phrase by critics, entertainment reporters, and bloggers. What gives?...more

Angelina, The Actor/Director, and Why There Really May Be No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.

As if it's not enough that she's all gorgeous and has a gaggle of international babies and millions of dollars AND Brad Pitt, now Angelina Jolie is adding director to the list of things she will probably be annoyingly better at than me. And of course, she's being all Angelina about it and NOT starring in the movie herself, making it all that much harder for me to hate on her for it. Touche, Angie. I've always enjoyed a challenge. ...more
  A "Have her cake and eat it" scenario. Aside from her beauty, her noble attributes as a ...more

It's Not Too Late to Whip It, Whip It Good!

You are so lucky today! In fact, I wish I were you.  Because if you haven't yet seen Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It, which opens in wide release October 2nd, you have a rollicking ride around a rink in your future.  Tear up your fishnets, slip on your Docs, and head to the theater, because here comes the jammer! ...more

It was a fab movie and good for the sport. My next column for "Just Out" is on roller derby, ...more