What's Wrong with 'Female' Directors?

We don't specify a musician as a 'female musician' or a writer as a 'female writer'. Do we really need to say 'female directors'?In the past few weeks, there seemed to be a sudden rise in the use of the phrase by critics, entertainment reporters, and bloggers. What gives?...more

Music Film Festival Blog Coverage in Philadelphia, PA

Personal side note: I had a great time at the XPN Music Film Festival despite my ongoing dispute ...more

Academy Awards - Actors As Multi-Taskers

Just in case you haven’t noticed, its award season again- Red Carpets, Gold Statues and lots of speeches. SAG, Directors Guild, Golden Globes, People’s Choice and of course the Academy Awards on March 7th. As it has been said, “just to be nominated is an honor” – yes, to be singled out among so many is certainly an accomplishment, but there is no denying the specialness of an actual “win”. ...more

It’s Award Time Again!

 Award season is here - SAG, Directors Guild, Golden Globes and of course the Academy Awards in 2 weeks. Was just thinking over past winners and there are many multi taskers among them. <!--break--> ...more

Hollywood's Amazing Women Of Film And TV

As part of BlogHer's focus on Women's History Month, this post is about amazing women in the history of film and television: women who inspired in front of the camera and women who crashed the Hollywood old boy network behind it. When I sat down and thought about the women I might want to write about, I was overwhelmed with names. Like my fellow Contributing Editor Maria Niles and her post on Women Who Rocked American History, I felt the only way to do the subject justice was with a list. The list I came up with was as long as my arm. By the time I'd whittled that down to something manageable, I'd immersed myself in the remarkable careers of a group of twenty-seven talented and pioneering women. They're listed alphabetically and in two categories, movies and television. ...more

I knew about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen, but I didn't know about her going on tour ...more