Homework Hydra Striles Again

So once again the homework battle has reared its ugly head and is threatening to engulf the entire family like the hydra that never dies. I really don’t know what it is about homework that upsets Highschoolboy so much. It’s not like he doesn’t understand that he is supposed to do his work. That work does come before play and that play is part of life not life itself....more

Is safe for me to ride the MP3 250?

Mystery solved....more


I've started reading Lonely Planet's Cycling France.  This seemed like the closest I would come to the situation of being on my scooter hopefully cluing me in to the roads I would be allowed or safe to use with respect to temperatures.Here is some of what I have learned so far:...more

Shocking First Step

Today I called up to the Vespa dealership in Holland, Michigan where I bought my scooter.  My hope was to meet with Stew who sold my scooter to me to see if they could support me in finding the unique gear I will need to make this journey.  Turns out Stew was gone and hadn't been replaced.  I had just spoken with him four days earlier.  I was put on the phone with the general manager who reluctantly explained that a decision had come down from on high to close the Vespa department.  ...more


For those of you who don't know the backstory, in 1999 I was in the ICU for two months. I had necrotizing fasciitis as the result of a surgical procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Surgeons performed daily debridements to remove dead flesh from my abdomen. They did this for three weeks until the 30 muscles of my abdomen were entirely removed. During this time I was in a medically induced coma because the infection was so severe that the medical team believed (not sure what the following part of the sentence means - something is missing) they needed all my bodies every to fight it....more

Cold as Ice

Did I miss something here?Is it National Make an Offensive Comment About People with Disabilities Month?No?...more

From Hell to Help

Almost on a daily basis we read in the paper or hear on the television about a child with autism who has been abused or even killed when restraints have been applied. Then in the alternative you read or hear about an autistic child who fights back from being restrained (would you allow someone to sit on you or hold you down or put you in a straight jacket willingly, so why should any autistic child?) and has been arrested by the local police....more

Curious what it's like to be dyslexic? Try this exercise

 This was in my LearningRx newsletter this morning (http://www.LearningRx.com)...more
Our son has dyslexia and has produced a book attempting to explain what its like to those who ...more