Is higher ed accessible?

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, and I had the privilege of accompanying an academic mentor and friend of mine, Catherine Kudlick, a professor who is partially sighted and who is a superstar in the academic world of disability studies--you can read her insightful essay on blind boot camp to get a sense of her thoughtfulness about blindness and gender. ...more

This area is one of my great interests, and some of the people I've known and admired for years ...more

UK may pass new law to help those with Autism   I was really surprised to read about a condition-focused bill but there's obviously a real need to get children and adults with Autism some help. The measures proposed in this bill include: 1) improving local info o the # of children and adults with Autism 2) providing effective support from child to adult services 3) staff training 4) promotion of independent living for people with the disability   Maybe the U.S. will follow suit?   ...more

Stepping into caregiving

You might remember some posts I wrote last summer about moving from Florida to Illinois? There was a post about trying to find the perfect house - the house that would allow me to deceive myself into believing one or both of my big kids would move to Illinois to live with us. ...more

Yes, you are right. We've actually faced an awful lot of really difficult situations and if ...more

Dyslexia research show brain before & after cognitive skills training

If you ever doubted whether cognitive skills training could help essentially eradicate dyslexia, ...more

Tips for the New Year -- Living with Multiple Sclerosis

As thoughts turn to resolutions for the new year, take the time to consider the little things which can make life easier. Don't hesitate to take the steps necessary to improve your quality of life. Remember, doing what is necessary to keep yourself independent will allow you to be LESS disabled.   1 - The Many Charms of a Folding Cane ...more

Disability Versus Other Aid

I am on social security disability.  Because I have two underage children still at home I also receive SSI benefits for them.  Strangely enough, the amount of money I receive thas been deemed by the state of Nevada to disqualify me for medicaid and food stamps.  I find this ridiculous. Without medicaid I have to make payments of nearly $600 to carry my Cobra benefits from my previous employer.  They are well aware of that.  Therefore, by denying me medicaid and food stamps they have effectively left me with a negative balance. ...more

New hope for autism, Asperger's and other learning disabilities

It's really exciting to be posting my first blog!  I've been doing a lot of research lately about how the brain can change itself (called plasticity) and the new hope it could bring to children with things like Autism, Asperger's, and other learning disabilities. Pretty fascinating! Is anyone else following this? And the work that Jenny McCarthy is doing for autism is amazing!  ...more

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Can't All Quadriplegics Get Disability?

 Posted in honor of National Disability Awareness Month. He's been a quadriplegic for 33 years and his medical and personal care expenses are through the roof. As his friend and ally I am forever trying to find ways to help him raise much needed funds for medical treatments, van repairs and the odd unanticipated catastrophes. It's a tough gig, though. ...more

Thanks for the link, Barbara. I'll head there soon.

You are right about the accelerated ...more

Planet Laura Blows Up: The Stolen Road to Eli Clare

In my mind, it was going to be so wonderful. It was a singularly gorgeous Autumn day in Chicago. Eli Clare, whose poetry I deeply respect, was presenting downtown and Michael was free to go with me. We would get an early start and, for the first time in 18 years of friendship, hang out together in the city, like people do sometimes on a perfect afternoon. Away from work. ...more