Donors Choose Challenge: A Doll Like Me

How do you learn what it means to be American? Can you learn it in school? What do you learn if Americans you see don't look like you or your family? Mrs. M writes that The dolls and other resources currently available to my students do not represent their ethnic backgrounds nor those of other diverse communities and varied ability groups. ...more

October is National Disability Awareness Month, Congress Celebrated by Doing Something Useful

While all eyes were on the economic meltdown, congress quietly snuck in a very useful and important piece of legislation, signed into law September 25th: the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.     ...more

Getting it off my chest

As I write this, you are sitting with my daughter, playing and trying to laugh, maybe teaching her to count, and doing all the things that I want you to be doing.  You're doing it with a serious physical disability and I truly admire what you are able to accomplish every day. The problem that I have today is this: your mouth is swollen to the point that you can't close it. You've got your tongue off to one side so that you don't accidentally bit down - on your soft, pliant tongue - and cause more swelling in your mouth. You have ...more

The Fight of My Life

I hope it's okay to post a link to my blog: It's I was just an ordinary gal living an ordinary life when it was all indelibly changed in a split second by an auto accident on freeway. Thank you kindly. ResilientHeart ...more

Slipping Through the Cracks

Hey Michele I attended the rally you gave in Raleigh, NC and was so impressed with the spirit, words and momentum that you and Barack are bringing to America. Thank you for rekindling the best of America in all of us. ...more



One Jooshy Mommy

Holding Up a Mirror to The Stare

"A camera gives you a reason to stare." --John Running, American photographer I was born with a Hemangioma, which is basically a benign tumor made up of blood vessels. Some, like Gorbachev’s famous mark, are less obvious. Some, like mine, are hard to ignore. Located on my right cheek, just under my eye, it takes up a fourth of my face. For the first 21 years of my life, I had 25+ surgeries to correct it though, for the most part, I have always led a normal life. ...more


Yeah, we're all humans and those spontaneous reactions we have to something shockingly ...more

Daycare is NOT a Dirty Word!

I love daycare!  Okay, childcare for those of you who feel opposed to the word daycare.  I love childcare!!! I support childcare.  I encourage childcare.  I am proud of each and every parent that has taken the time to carefully review, select and enroll you children in childcare.  And, that includes those of you who have talked one of your relatives into beginning a personal childcare service enrolling only your child "for the short term".  ...more

This post caught my eye because I have been thinking lately about how lucky my youngest son is ...more

Peanut Allergy at Camp Ruffles Feathers

Another parent asks: "what level of accommadation must be made by the majority for the minority with the allergies to keep everyone safe and also enjoy living a free life full of personal choice in our country. “ The parent is writing about this because her son cant take his favorite lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, and his favorite snack: trail mix– to camp because of at least one other childs severe peanut allergy. "We still aren't sure how many of the campers actually have peanut allergies…” ...more