Dream Big, Lush, Vivid Dreams

Disappointment is, literally, failing to keep an appointment. Which is why I think it hurts a little more than the other bumps and bruises of life.When you feel disappointed, you are feeling deprived of something you thought was already in motion. If you’re feeling like you have an “appointment” with a promotion or a successful presentation or a new love, having that thing not work out is especially crushing because it was kind of a done deal inside your mind....more

What to Say When Your Kids Are Disappointed

I used to be a feeling-denier.One of those parents who was quick with "You're FINE" and "It's okay!  You don't need to cry!"Then I had one of those lovely Oprah'esque 'ah-ha' moments.I was telling someone about a disappointing experience when they cut me off....more

Are you flexible enough?

How malleable is the water?Such should be our soul's response to adversity....more

For When You Feel Disappointed

Dealing with Disappointment


When Life Hands You a Rotten Tomato

Forget that old “When life hands you a lemon” adage!  Sometimes, life just hands you a big, rotten tomato!  At least with a lemon you can make some lemonade, add some flavor to a dish, or a pretty garnish for your iced tea.  I Googled “What to do with a rotten tomato.”  You know what I came up with?  A bunch of info about how to use the Rotten Tomatoes website (movie review website) and absolutely nothing about what to do with a literal rotten tomato.  You want to know why?  Because you can’t do anything with a rotten tomato except for make a mess!...more

You Have More Than This Requires

Mike RobbinsI had a powerful conversation recently with my good friend Theo.  I was telling him about some of the intense challenges I’ve been facing and my underlying fear that I simply can’t handle all that is going on (and what I fear may unfold in the coming days, weeks, and months).  Theo listened to me with empathy and compassion, and then said something simple, but profound. He said, “Mike, it’s important to remember that you have more than all of this requires.”...more

I Will Not be the Mother of a Mean Girl

Her plate sits before her and she worries over her dinner roll, tiny pieces dropping onto the table top. My own dinner has gone tasteless and I'm begging her to be honest because the words Liam drops among us can't possibly be true. These guilt crumbs gathering up and her picking picking picking but never speaking speaking speaking. I'm fighting for clarity over the situation because I am not the mother of a bully... could I be so naive?...more
@KAM64 You raise a great point! Thanks for sharing this.  It's so easy to lump together all the ...more

I was so disappointed in myself.

In our tiny rural Village,(yes village) nestled in Nova Scoatia Canada, we, like everywhere else, have our "village drunk", "village idiot"... and our village's "hopeless cause". Everyone, from one end of our village to the 20 minute drive to the other know this "hopeless cause" by name.Every now and then, someone, usually a church congregation, puts their hearts on their sleeves and tries their best to change this man's life. But why?...more

Better than not so bad

Back in the heat of summer, when the holiday season was still way off in the dreamy distance, my husband and I decided that this year we would fly back to Victoria, BC and spend Christmas with my family. We set the general dates, began to make plans and get excited about the prospect, and started researching flight times and prices. ...more
@Darcie Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas to you too!more