10 Concrete Ways To Help Boston

I was sipping an overpriced Americano in a small, aggressively hip coffee shop Monday when the news broke about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I’d only meant to sit down for a few minutes, but ended spending over two hours there nursing my cold coffee and obsessively refreshing my Twitter feed....more
@ShelbytheStrickster I'm glad they helped. I figured there would be other people out there like ...more

3 Reasons to Not Have Sympathy for Sandy Victims

Maybe it’s just semantics to some, maybe I’m splitting hairs but I have a real beef with the idea of being sympathetic. In my mind, and I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s just me, sympathy is both passive and selfish....more

#SandyHelp – From the official Twitter feed for the NY Red Cross (@redcrossny)

  #SandyHelp – From the official Twitter feed for the NY Red Cross (@redcrossny)-times and locations of hot meal and assistance distribution sites for those affected by Hurricane #Sandy.  The website for the NY Red Cross is : ‏http://www.nyredcross.org and they serve NYC, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley & Greenwich, Ct.For November 6, 2012:...more

Food Bloggers Host Bake Sales for Japan Relief

The March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have left hundreds of thousands in a state of dire need. This week, food bloggers and people in the restaurant industry around the country are stepping in to help in any way they can during the April 2 Bakesale for Japan, a fundraiser for Peace Winds Japan and Peace Winds America. Both groups are dedicated to supporting people affected by natural disaster. ...more

I was so happy to be able to help with the sale that took place in Austin on April 2. We had an ...more

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: BlogHers Tweeting, Blogging and Taking Action

Like so many of you, I learned about the earthquake in Japan from Twitter, following the best inside news source I can find: BlogHer Makiko Itoh on her blog, Just Hungry, and on Twitter (@makiwi). Maki writes: ...more

I wrote a post about it today, adding links to charitable organizations collecting donations, ...more

(VIDEO) My Trip to Help the Children of Haiti

The house we were staying in was on 8 acres, and is one of the lucky few in Léogâne to have survived the quake. At one point, there had been 750 people living in tents in the field beside the house. Now there are 18 families, all related in some way to the house or the camp (housekeepers, counselors, etc.). That's where all the kids were coming from, and there were many more. ...more

I was sincerely touched by the slide show and you great detail of your visit. My church visited ...more

Haitian Kids: people or puppies?

Haitian children wait in a police car after a group of Americans was stopped trying to take them out of the country. Photograph: Reuters (guardian.co.uk They're so cute in the pictures. ...more