I want to love her.I think she is adorable and has amazing potential to be great kid and as time goes, great adult.I want to love her.I want to want to snuggle her and kiss her and tell her silly stories.But I can’t stand her. And it is not her fault.She is just a child. She copies other people’s behavior. She listen words other say. She follows action we all do around her....more

My Kid, The Button-Pusher

I have a kid who pushes my buttons…I mean really, seriously, and almost continuously pushes my buttons.  If there is a button to be pushed, he will find a way to push it.  In fact, sometimes I wonder how his fingers aren’t sore (From all the button pushing…kinda like George Jetson).  It’s like he can just walk into a room and suddenly he has somehow annoyed the snot out of me....more

Sometimes I Would Much Rather Run Away

#NaBloPoMo Once upon a time, late one evening in a home in Barbados, there was a conversation.“See, you haven’t washed this dish properly.”“Yes I did.”...more

Halloween Without the Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween bit the big one this year. And considering how I feel about the spooky holiday (I love it like a third child), this was enough to put me in a mini depression that could only be lifted by bite-sized Snickers and a package of pumpkin Peeps. (Yes, I said Peeps. Don't pollute my comment section with your disparaging Peep hate speeches. All candy has worth. Even Good & Plenty.)...more

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Jacklegs

Lately, my children have been testing me. Well technically, "testing me" is a constant state of being for them, but lately they just seem to be doing it on steroids. And that means it's time to review some discipline tactics I've long had in my arsenal but forgot were there. I was looking over some materials from a "Love and Logic" course my husband and I took when my oldest was a toddler....more

Teaching your children to respect your home, and themselves

I just finished doing the thing that every parent seems to have threatened to do at one time or another.  Packing up all of the toys from my daughters’ playroom....more


It was an accident.Still, in a bout of silliness, my little man threw his head back with quite a force and hit my chin.   And then he giggled.It's hard when your child hurts you, accidental or otherwise, to deal with the physical and emotional response in a proper way.  (I often find myself wishing for a pause button so I can rant and grumble a few non-toddler approved words or reactions without an audience.)With my best effort at composure, I took a deep breath and swallowed the physical pain....more

My Damn Happy Place

Dinner time in my house is like a descent into the depths of hell. The room is hot, thanks to the tiny windows and lack of oven vent, and there are all the noises I imagine would populate the underworld--Punkgirl (12) grunts, Happyboy (10) makes repetitive noises over and over, and Coffeeguy (my husband) yells at the offending party. Oh yes--and Rose makes a screechy noise I'm fairly certain is designed to ward off predators. Someone always leaves the table crying, pissed off, or defeated. Now, I know we could just eat in the living room....more
Dinner time can be very challenging with a tired baby, tired kids and tired parents. You have a ...more

The Curse of Becoming Your Parents

Jets-Dolphin game, Nov 2009 – 071 (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)...more