Disclosing STDs: Before and After

 Disclosing or hearing a disclosure about STDs can be a really emotional ordeal. But, this should never be an excuse to avoid this very important conversation. So, what can be done to make this announcement a little easier for everyone involved?...more

MUST READ: The FTC Clarifies Their Rules for Bloggers

Is there anything new here for bloggers? Why yes. It’s not a lot but it’s very nice. The .Com Disclosures document includes new examples that will make it easier for people creating sponsored content to comply with the FTC Guidelines, as well as clarity on the proper ways to disclose additional required information about product claims. ...more
You know who you are and you have to live with yourself.✌️ </rant>more

In Blog We Trust: Affiliate Disclosure and Community

I think that affiliate links are a great way for bloggers to do business across social media platforms. Yet, they’re not always disclosed as such, and that’s a problem. Our success depends on the integrity of this community. A blogosphere built on trust and authenticity. ...more
I know I'm proud to use the #ad hashtag because it means I'm getting paid to blog. It means I'm ...more

FOX8 On Your Side: Blog Endorsements

I was interviewed last month about FTC regulations on bloggers and their endorsements of products. Click here to see the interview Kristen DaukasTwitterFacebook ...more
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Hiding the Truth

As I take a walk with my grandson, Charlie, I marvel at how observant he is – how he watches everything from every angle while held back by the straps of his stroller – how he strains to look backward to see the car that just passed, or how he bends over the metal bar to look at the flowers next to him. I think of how lucky he is – how lucky both of my grandsons are – nothing in their development has been called out for examination. They are healthy boys....more

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This has been on my mind for awhile now. My family and closest friends already know about this, however I have become more private about my past, mostly because it's not the sort of thing you can bring up in casual conversation. But my silence is not helping anybody. So I'm not writing this today not because I'm looking for any kind of feedback, but rather to give a voice to victims who have not yet found theirs, and to let other survivors know that they are not alone, and there is a way to thrive......more

BlogHer'10: You and me...book bloggers and the FTC

The first session I attended at BlogHer'10 was on that topic so dear to the heart of any review blogger: "The FTC Guidelines: After a Year, Has Anything Changed?" (And yes, although you may not review anything other than books, that still makes you a "review blogger," technically speaking.) The panelists were marketing blogger, <...more

Disclosing Sponsorship on Twitter: It's Not That Hard! Really!

Bloggers and marketers alike are slowly getting their heads around the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for endorsements and testimonials. It's a simple formula, really: Endorsement + Compensation = Disclosure Required. ...more

That's the acid test for all of this sponsorship stuff. The value has got to be there for both ...more

Alternative Hashtags for the Discerning Tweeter

In the social media system, undisclosed material relationships are considered especially heinous. In the blogosphere, the dedicated bloggers who investigate these vicious FTC infractions are members of an elite squad known as the Come on Dude, Get Real Unit. These are their hashtags....more

I'm so lost. Just figuring out Twitter. ...more