Dim All the Lights: Disco Queen Donna Summer Dead at 63

Singer Donna Summer died today, her family said in a statement. She lived in Florida in recent years, with husband Bruce Sudano, but no cause or location of death has yet been reported. She was 63 years old. ...more
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Disco Fever

What ever happened to my Disco shoes that had little blinking lights in the heels?  I had to plug the dang things into the wall to recharge them at night.  Nan probably sold them at the Fort Sam Houston Thrift Shop where she worked as a volunteer for 30 plus years, along with my Beatle dolls that would have been worth a bundle. ...more

Enough is ENOUGH!

Enough is ENOUGH! What do you American men WANT from us? Okay, I KNOW…but really…who is coming up with the stuff that is supposed to turn men on? Or better yet, who is the “someone” who tells us ALL what it IS that turns men on? Before make-up came along it was ruby red lips and pink cheeks. It was achieved by milling your mouth and pinching your cheeks. And let’s not forget the corset that made those curves curvier. Add a curling iron, stockings and higher heels to the mix of shorter and shorter skirts and dresses. ...more