Disconnect to connect!

So, my over-40 women friends, what is underneath the new myriad ways to connect: cell phones, text messages, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets? We humans have a need, a yearning for connection, which is surely the underlying attraction going on here....more

We're Dead and Sleeping With Ghosts

A tear cut down my cheek in silence, like one more golden bead along the side of the glass. It fell on my plate and slid toward the sauce. I looked at it vacantly and I thought about how Rodrigo didn't really need me. I thought about how logical he was. How he didn't require me to emote, how he'd never chastised me for being "remote" or "too logical." I thought about how he knew to leave me alone. Were these bad things? Had we traded in intimacy for a sense safety in one another? ...more
what an incredible piece of writing. how tragic and painful and amazing and full of sorrow... ...more


Ping! Buzz! Ding-Ding! My electronic devices are constantly talking to me.  Sort of like kids who are always peppering mom with a million demands – I need this! I’m hungry! When can we go out to play?  At least that’s how I imagine kids to be.  Kind of hard for me to be accurate here since my daughter has four legs, a fur coat and a ferocious bark.  Her needs are simple: food, water and some outside time – not very demanding at all....more


I love you. I love you always, but you don’t always see that. I think of you in the morning when I wake up and at night when I go to bed, but you don’t always think that. I know you and I know how I feel when I’m with you, but you don’t always know that. I understand you and your actions, but you don’t understand that....more

Sometimes We Need Comforting, too.

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you," says the Lord. ~Isaiah 66:13 In this holiday time, sad feelings can overtake us. Even though we may feel joyful around others, when we are alone such as driving home from work, in the shower or standing in line at the grocery store, sad, even lonely feelings can somehow overtake us. Does it mean we are depressed? Does it mean we are ungrateful? Does it mean we are oblivious to our blessings?...more