What do you do when your favorite product has been discontinued?

I'm a pretty fickle consumer in general, but I do have a couple of beauty staples. These are things I've been using---solidly and without fail---for the last two years or more. These are things I buy again as soon as I finish them, and which I would purchase in bulk at Costco if I could. ...more
This is a long shot- The Body Shop used to have products that were packaged & smelled ...more

When Favorite Products/Companies Disappear

In the past week Aloha Airlines and ATA airlines announced they were discontinuing flights.Not a fun time for ticket holders. When you self identify as a customer of a company or a user of product it is disconcerting when that product or company simply disappears without warning. For ticket holders on an airlines disconcerting is probably too mild a word to discribe the feelings when they learned the airlines was no longer flying. Having products disappear without any warning seems to be a trend that is only growing. ...more