Extreme Couponing at the Gas Pump

Excuse me while I whine about living in Chicagoland. Again. I know you're as tired of hearing me whine about this as I am of living here, but I just can't help it. Grocery stores all over the country are offering great savings at the gas pump for those who use store loyalty cards, all extreme couponers use store loyalty cards, and of course there's not a single store near me that is offering these savings. And gas prices in Chicagloand are high -- the highest in the country. ...more

I mean really annoying. You should complain!

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We Can Send a Man to the Moon, But Can't Invent a Green Credit Card!?

You just received your new credit card, and have to destroy the old one. Good luck, the darned things are seemingly indestructible. Better have industrial-sized scissors. Too bad these are not recyclable; I just learned this after having dropped them in the recycling bin for years. If you think about it, of course they aren't recyclable. After all, they have the magnetic strip and the hologram, neither of which are good for the environment....more