Snorkel Time in St.Thomas

On our fourth day the cruise ship arrived at St. Thomas....more

Sharing Resources: Stalking Awareness Month Part III

Deciphering What's Real and What's Not Sometimes posts get noticed by PR firms, other social media platforms and pe...more

Detroit Blocks Plan For Stray Dog TV

While actively wooing film and television crews to its beleaguered streets, Detroit's mayor, Dave Bing, has taken a rolled up newspaper to the nose of a Discovery Channel crew that wants to chronicle the city's many stray dogs. Though the project, "A Dog's Life," qualified for a substantial tax credit from the Michigan Film Office, city leaders believe the show would harm the city's already-struggling image. ...more

Yes, I can see the problem from both sides. Ultimately, what it comes down to is Detroit's ...more

News Breakers: Traditional Media vs Twitter

When a bank robbery occurred in our town recently, I didn't hear about it first on the local television news or in the newspaper. Those places carried the story long after it had been discussed to death on the local listserv. When the Discovery building hostage situation occurred last Tuesday, it wasn't CNN or NBC providing me with up-to-the-moment information. It was Twitter. ...more

That is a really cool use of social media -- and a place where traditional media would fall ...more

UPDATED: Gunman Hostage Situation at the Discovery Channel Building

A gunman, believed to also be armed with explosives, entered the Discovery Channel building in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland today around 1 pm and fired off shots in the lobby. At this time, the SWAT team is there, trying to enter the building and remove the gunman. The daycare on the premises of the Discovery Channel headquarters has been evacuated to the McDonald's across the street. ...more

Hey, I figured out how to comment on here again!

Twitter is saying that the gunman is dead, ...more

Women love Mythbusters, too

Perhaps best known as the show where they'll probably blow something up before the hour's over, Discovery Channel's Mythbusters enjoys something of a cult following... but is still often thought of as a "guy's show." I guess it's the blowing stuff up thing, but really, behind the black powder and C4 lurks a show filled with all of the elements for great family entertainment -- action, suspense, comedy, and yes, even a healthy dose of educational content. ...more

I don't watch it regularly (I don't really watch anything regularly) but um, I introduced ...more

Discovery Channel DVD Giveaway: "Storm Chasers"

The Discovery Channel is proud of its numerous adventure series and the many adventurous women who watch them. As a thank you gift, Discovery has sent us a couple of two-DVD sets from the Storm Chasers series to give away.... ...more