We could shut down the country, if we could just stop judging each other

When a union came a few years ago and told me they were going to unionize childcare in Iowa, I have to admit I wasn’t very hopeful they would succeed. Sure enough, it wasn’t very long before they just seemed to give up. We knew their chances of getting providers to see the big picture and look at the greater good of our profession would be a hard sell. There are a myriad of reasons why there will probably never be a nationwide successful childcare union. There are also reasons why one is needed for our long term survival....more

Nationwide Ain't On Your Side

A new mother, Angela Ames, returned to work at Nationwide and needed a private, non-germy room in which to pump breast milk. People, including her female supervisor, didn’t give a shit how badly engorged breasts hurt and how embarrassing leaking can be....more
LunaFCS Insurance company. No surprise?more

Unemployed? Employers Are Discriminating Against You

While the epic battle over the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act rages in the U.S. Senate, our elected representatives ought to consider that the “long-term unemployed” are a product of discrimination on the part of employers.Discrimination?  Say what?You heard right.Let’s assume that just as soon as you get over the shock of being laid off, you begin looking for another job in earnest.  Does your chance of getting hired increase or decrease once you are out of work?...more